Our services supporting transformation

Through various services for each domain of AX, BX, CX, and DX, we realize transformation and support the growth of our clients. In accordance with rapid changes in the society, our services are continuously expanding.


Our business domain for achieving business growth and corporate transformation of our clients

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Business portfolio strategy

We support building business portfolio strategies not only from perspectives of resource management (employees, goods, and capital) but also from those of brand and customer experiences.

New business development

We support creation, implementation, and growth of new businesses through various approaches including strategic/design thinking, creative innovation, and open innovation.

New product/service development

From conceptualization to prototyping, we provide comprehensive support until actual launch using ideation methodologies and technology based on consumer insights.

Business analysis; "Decision Management"

We support management decision-making by visualizing businesses including their uncertainties, through structuring, quantification, and interactive process.

Concept verification through real purchasing experience; "β100"

By focusing on the question of whether to buy or not to buy, we reproduce purchasing psychology of consumers to understand the probability of success and strengthen the concept.

Customer experience design

Through design research, we obtain insights on user behavior/emotions, structure, and visualize the sequence of customer behavior. We design and plan without being biased toward specific executions.

Rebuilding of brand/communication strategy

Based on solid understanding of the brand’s positioning, we support rebuilding, designing, and executing brand/communication strategy that leads to competitive advantage.

Development of key business indicators (KGI/KPI)

We build a structure which enables smooth sharing of business goals with key stakeholders and develop core guidelines and KGI. We also formulate indicators according to each phase of transformation and respective core actions.

Internal activation

We reform corporate organizations and people who support business transformation into a state of self-operation toward the goals. We support them in building sustainable transformation capabilities by designing various activation measures.

Internal process transformation

We support restructuring of value creation and decision-making process that underpins business transformation. We create a process that enables strategic decision-making and accelerate knowledge building and establishment.


Our business domain for transforming marketing foundation of our clients

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Digital transformation diagnosis

Through this service which visualizes marketing DX issues and sets key agenda to be addressed, we connect the issues with appropriate customer insights and propose specific solutions.

Programmer/designer collaboration platform

By collaboration of consultants and freelance engineers with sufficient experiences in innovation development, we provide innovation consulting and software development as an integrated service.

Customer cultivation marketing

We implement CRM by building and utilizing DMP/CDP to increase customer satisfaction and maximize lifetime value. We conduct marketing in reverse funnel area, including repeated purchases, cross-selling, up-selling, and fan creation.

Consent management platform

Upon introduction of CMP, we design and implement a platform to obtain consent from users for collection of personal information data at all possible points of contact and promote data utilization.

Support for building customer-driven DX organization
(Dentsu DX Ground)

In addition to strengthening through marketing technology, we promote one-stop cloud integration for clients from planning to system construction and operation. We support integration of the entire value chain.

Data clean room

We support building data infrastructure that balances privacy protection and marketing needs. In platformers' cloud environment, we securely link clients' 1st Party data with platformers' data to execute continuous PDCA cycle for marketing.

Marketing DX

We collect and integrate a variety of data to build a system that leads to KGI achievement and business growth. Utilizing various tools, we build DMP/CDP with cloud integration and AI as a standard feature.

Online store visit experience and customer support
(Quick DX Solution)

This solution service facilitates digitalization of store experience and customer services and enables reaching customers who were previously difficult to approach due to geographical and time factors, leading to long-term customer growth.

Advanced IT human resource development

With the urgent need to develop advanced IT human resources due to digitalization of the society, we focus on the importance of algorithms which is fundamental to all IT, make algorithmic thinking universal, and support nurturing advanced IT talents.

Platform for agricultural product data distribution (SMAGt)

SMAGt is a data distribution platform that uses blockchain technology to record production history, shipping, distribution, and sales of agricultural products. We offer it to local governments, regional trading companies, and other agricultural parties working on branding, prevention of food fraud, and expansion of exports.

Global-level DX activities

Based on our rich experience in global application and IoT product development, we reconstruct corporate management and business models, provide consistent services from digital strategy planning to product development and marketing PDCA, to support digital transformation of businesses.

Information infrastructure development and utilization
(Cloud AI Analytics Structuring and Strategy Automation)

We provide integrated services from development of information infrastructure to utilization of information to build an optimal data processing system and realize 1-to-1 marketing strategies. In addition, we support sustainable marketing DX by providing AI/data training which underpins enhancement of employee expertise.

Quantum computer implementation for issue solving
(DA Quantum Lab)

Utilizing cloud-based quantum computer infrastructure, we build optimal models meeting the objectives of our clients, such as advancement of marketing strategies and construction of distribution systems.

Customer success support

We plan and implement optimal measures from customers' perspective based on our practical knowledge ranging from analytics of customer experience to continuous revenue improvement and cancellation rate improvement. We support maximization of LTV, mainly in subscription business.


Our business domain for designing and realizing optimal customer experiences

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EI / brand design / imagery development

We design brands to build long-term relationships with customers by providing consistent experiences at all points of contact based on the purpose of client’s business or brand.

Preceding / preliminary analysis

Prior to the development of experiences and services, we analyze changing customer insights and behaviors using DMP and other data, leading to optimal target setting and experience design.

Data-driven / CX journey design

We visualize customer behavior and emotions based on quantitative data and design optimal journeys from customers' perspective.

KGI/KPI development

Based on continuous discussions with client's management team, we connect related departments and develop KGI/KPI that link customer experience transformation to achievement of business goals.

Formulation of marketing methods and measures

We develop marketing strategies that integrate products, services, and communication to fulfill the experiences desired by the customers and the goals brands must achieve.

OMO development

Now in a society where all things are connected and digitally integrated, we develop and provide customers with consistent brand experiences at all points of contact.

Prototyping/UI UX design

We use our advanced creativity to design UI UX that exceed customer expectations. We conduct rapid prototyping and repeated testing to improve accuracy.

Sharing/subscription services

We support design and implementation of new business models, such as sharing and subscription services, to increase revenue and strengthen and transform relationships with customers.

Target design

By analyzing various needs of customers based on data and designing appropriate targets, we offer more efficient experiences to customers.

Development of services connected with objects (Connected/IoT)

We plan and develop IoT services that connect all things and transform them into brand experience devices, which are essential for realization of smart cities.

Dual-funnel content planning and production

We design, plan, and realize integrated communication that connects all stages of dual funnel, from recognition to purchase, repeat purchase, and conversion to loyal customers.

Store experience digitalization/EC channel construction and operation

We use latest technology to enrich customers' real and digital purchasing experiences. We also support opening of stores in various EC channels.

On-off integrated creative planning

We deliver better experience to customers through creative planning and development from a neutral perspective that integrates online and offline.

App development

We deliver high-quality brand experiences to customers through apps. As a tool for daily use, we provide one-stop service that includes experience planning, design, development, and operation of various apps.

Community development and management (including SNS)

We provide support for daily communication on SNS and community building/management in order to convert customers into fans and build medium- to long-term relationships between brands and customers.

XR experience development/measures?

We provide integrated services from business concept to solution development and operation for XR, creating new experience for customers through a sophisticated fusion of fiction and reality.?


Our business domain for realizing sophisticated and efficient advertising

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On-off integrated marketing platform

We build marketing platforms that verify the effectiveness of "attitude change," such as recognition and interest, and "behavior stimulation," such as website visits or membership registration, in response to TV/digital ads. We also deliver digital ads to individual viewers based on actual TV viewing log data.

Response Connector Dashboard

By linking KPIs such as number of downloads, purchases, and website visits with ad placement data, we visualize the effectiveness of each ad, leading to efficient business growth and acquisition of potential customers.

Real-time keyword targeting

In Twitter ads, we eliminate time lags in user moments to deliver ads in a timely manner to meet real-time needs for each moment.

Outdoor advertising effectiveness measurement

We analyze human actions for each outdoor advertising media and calculate the estimated number of people who reached the ads. The analyses can be conducted by gender, age, and increased/decreased number of people compared to a specific period of time.

Integrated solution using location information and media contact data

We provide solutions by integrating data of location, media contact, digital outdoor advertising distribution logs, and digital advertising distribution logs.

Frequency optimization model (Frequency Cap Optimizer?)

By combining 最准一肖一码100%准 digital's "Frequency Lift Model" and Facebook’s reach simulation data, we calculate maximum times of frequency according to target segment, ad budget and delivery period.

Marketing linked to weather data (Urebiyori)

Urebiyori is a framework to make advertising more sophisticated by usage of weather data. Using our original method, we analyze purchase data and weather data for approximately 160 items whose moments are influenced by weather factors, index them, and predict demand changes.

Mobile app on-off integration

By linking marketing platforms for mobile apps and media platform, we analyze the relationship between exposure to digital/TV ads and customer behavior, such as new app installations.

Business growth through apps (App Growth Mall?)

From acquiring new mobile app customers to nurturing existing customers, we provide one-stop service to conduct PDCA using Dual Funnel?, which enables integrated management, as well as planning of growth strategies for the entire business.

Improving performance in commerce
(Commerce Dual Funnel Visualizer)

We collect and analyze customer behavior data within EC for comprehensive visualization, from recognition to interest, purchase, and loyalty. This leads to acquisition of optimal keyword data for further improvement in advertising operation and performance.

Solution by segment clarification (Affinity Visualizer)

Based on anonymized digital ad distribution data, we extract and visualize groups of users with high click rates through data analysis of all segments, including interests and attributes. We thus develop ad creatives with high effectiveness which appeal to optimal target audience.

Programmatic ad optimization for EC (Kommerz?)

Kommerz? uses proprietary algorithms to statistically analyze past ad delivery data and current ad performance to recommend optimal bidding strategies, budget allocations, and keyword management.

LTV improvement marketing platform (X-Stack)

X-Stack is a marketing data platform that integrates both behavioral data on websites and CRM data of client companies. We use this data, AI, and machine learning to develop predictive models for business KPIs such as store visit rates and closing rates, which are then applied to various measures such as distribution of ads and mail magazines.

People Driven DMP

With People Driven DMP owning the largest scale of accurate behavioral data and awareness data in Japan, we support building active marketing by conducting analysis, delivery and verification. People Driven DMP has a variety of information in a secure environment, including attributes, values, TV viewing, Web/smartphone/SNS, ticket purchase, product purchase, and location information.

Customer image visualization (People Profiler)

Using AI, we visualize customer images from data obtained by conducting significance tests from large-scale surveys. This service links with image search and enables persona to be drawn out in a single and simple manner.

On-off integrated creative workflow

This is a workflow that integrates planning, production, and management of creative materials for digital and mass advertising. It enables smooth on-off linkage and brings synergy effect in terms of both quality and cost.

Advertising effectiveness prediction for social media (MONALISA?)

Through detailed operational design by increased number of items such as objective and gender/age of target audience, we present highly accurate ad effectiveness forecasts. In ad operation diagnosis, we recommend and present effective operation designs for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LINE ads.


By fully utilizing assets related to TV commercials, Telecy realizes highly accurate simulation, optimization, and reporting. Delivery results are available as early as the day after and further optimization is achieved through comparison with simulation data and tuning by AI.

Video ad production optimization (BRAND LIFT CHECKER)

Using this service for simulating brand lift effect of TV commercials and YOUTUBE ads, which covers approximately 180 creative checkpoints, we can automatically identify areas of improvement.