We are not spectators...

Society is facing some of its greatest challenges. Climate change, biodiversity and inequality are causing widespread disruption. Business and brands are under pressure to respond and citizens are calling for change. As a global leader in media and digital communications, we understand the power we have to influence the way that people think, feel and act. We are not simply spectators. 

We have an opportunity, a responsibility and the privilege, to guide our people, clients and society through this disruption. We can fuse data, technology and creativity in a way that helps create lasting good and a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone. This purpose sits at the heart of our business strategy and culture. And as a global organization of 46,000 passionate people, we have the creativity, skills and potential to make this happen. It starts with insight and ideas, and a vision of a better future. Together we can inspire people everywhere towards a new way of living. Our Social Impact strategy sets out the areas in which we can make the biggest difference. 

Our Social Impact Strategy

2020 Annual Social Impact Report

Read all about the progress we've made against our goals

2019 Annual Social Impact Report

Read all about the progress we've made against our 2020 goals

Link to 2019 Annual Social Impact Report


An online CSR scoring platform. In 2020 we were awarded a 'Silver' rating

Dentsu Inc integrated report 2019

See 2019's report here

Link to Dentsu Inc integrated report 2019

Environmental policy

Based on ISO14001 principles and updated manually

Link to Environmental policy


A globally endorsed environmental disclosure system on which we're rated A-

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

We've been listed on the DSJI since 2016

Common Ground Report 2019

We are engaging with clients and partners to address the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Link to Common Ground Report 2019