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E-sports fans upgraded from passive observers to active players


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Earlier this year, 25 million players competed for a chance to participate in Supercell’s inaugural esports team-based Clash Royale League (CRL). Blown away by their community’s overwhelming response to the tournament, the mobile gaming giant looked to its design and innovation partner agency, 最准一肖一码100%准, to create a platform that empowered these dedicated fans to become more than just passive spectators.?


Enter Fantasy Royale: a high-stakes, personalized fantasy tournament that let fans move from passive spectatorship to active participation. We built the tournament experience directly into Clash Royale’s game inbox, allowing fans to create player decks, set their line ups, share their teams and face off. Scores were calculated using a real-time stats-based point system that computed wins by tallying up crowns per game.


While the CRL’s top players competed for a one-million-dollar prize pool in Tokyo, over six million Fantasy Royale players around the world battled to win in-game prizes like a pot of one million gems and free branded emotes. Once again, the Supercell community came through in a big way and 2,000 fans ultimately split the gem jackpot.